Sunday, October 2, 2011

Fête de la Vendange!

Vendange in French means grape-harvesting, and that's exactly what we did today! After a nice restful sleep to recuperate from yesterday's hike, we headed out to the house of two of our dear program-mates. We had to take a bus there, but within 15 minutes we had arrived at the château. The house was beautiful! Behind the house was a giant stretch of vineyard, and we all headed out there to gather bags and bags of grapes! Delicious! The afternoon was then spent lounging by the pool, tanning in the beautiful 80 degree Aixoise weather, admiring the beautiful view of St. Victoire in the distance, and soaking in the beautiful life in the south of France.
Our dear hostesses then treated us to freshly squeezed grape juice, crepes with Vermont maple syrup, nutella, and apricot confiture.

Walking in fields of grapes

All photo credit goes to the ever so wonderful Becky Reeve.

While sitting there by the pool in the sun today, I was just thinking about how lucky we are to be here! And how blessed we are to have this opportunity and enjoy all these wonderful things :) What a ful-filled weekend!

Bisous, xoxo

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  1. It was less than 40 degrees here tonight.