Friday, October 14, 2011

Baguette ≠ Baguette

Hello! Apologies for the late blogpost! All has been going well here in sunny Aix, though we are beginning to experience more automnal weather. It is still beautiful though!

Last week, the lovely boyfriend came to visit from the States! We had a wonderful time here in Aix-en-Provence, and even made it up to Paris for two days. Sadly, it was raining while we were in Paris, and the days we spent in Aix were the coldest we've yet seen. But no worries! We enjoyed delicious French pastries (macaroons!), yummy dinners, and even home-cooked meals. It was a delightful visit!

In other news, I have my first French exam coming up next week! It is in my linguistics class - Langues du Monde, and the exam will be on everything we've covered up until now. The exam will be worth 40% of our final grade. I recently killed a whole forest printing the powerpoint slides from class. Sadly, the french do not believe in double sided printing, which makes me sad. But that just means I should really make use of all the pages I printed!

Also - there are now less than 2 weeks until our Toussaint break! When I last posted, I was headed to Madrid and Marrakech, but alas! Our plans have changed. My friends and I were all excited and pumped up for our trip, when one day, Ryanair decides to drop some devastating news into our inboxes. They had changed the time of one of our flights, Madrid to Marseilles, and it was now 30 minutes earlier than before! This sadly meant that we would have only 30 minutes between our two connecting international flights: Marrakech to Madrid, and then Madrid to Marseilles. And that simply will not do. So with heavy hearts, we decided to cancel the Morocco leg of our trip, forgoing the money already . But in other news, we now have new travel plans!!! After spending two days in Madrid, my friend and I will be headed down south, to Granada! Here are some beautiful photos courtesy of Google. So our enthusiasm level has re-mounted, and we are now once again equally excited.

And now back to the title of this blog post....I learnt something very interesting today! After our translation class this morning, my friend so cleverly suggested we go pick up some sushi for lunch. Delighted, we head off to Sushi Shop, and make our orders for sushi. I ordered a 6-piece eel maki, and when she asked me if I'd like soy sauce, I said yes. Then, she asked if I'd like a baguette with my meal. Why of course I would!!! I was pretty excited. Baguette with my sushi?! That is a combination I have never tried before, but  I love baguette, and i love sushi, so I didn't see how that could go wrong. After waiting, we received our orders, and we check in the bag to make sure we got everything. But to my dismay, I saw no baguette. I went back inside, and kindly asked the lady that they had forgotten about my baguette. She smiled and said that they had not forgotten! The baguette was inside the bag. She reached in, and she pulled out not a loaf of delicious French bread, but a pair of chopsticks! BAGUETTE = CHOPSTICKS. There were explosions in my head. But I was glad to have learnt the word.

Anyway, that's all for now!

p.s. This was almost going to be a photo-less post, but then I decided it wouldn't be as exciting. So here is a photo that has nothing to do with the blog post, but is one of my favorite places in Aix!

Place Albertas - look at the difference in the renovated and un-renovated parts!

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  1. Your description of Geoff as "the lovely boyfriend" made me smile :) POST PICTURES OF YOUR HAIRCUT DO ITTTTT